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Gerald Espinosa

Hometown:  Santa Clarita Valley

Fanny Fact:  Favorite Cartoon is Spongebob Squarepants


I am the preppy Show Choir fanatic of Fanny Pak.  Growing up, this little asian boy embodied the classic geeky stereotype:  overly shy, huge glasses, and a violin strapped around my shoulders (i used to wish my piano could fold into my backpack).  Dancing was actually far from my interests.  Not even my older brothers and sisters could get me to prance around the living room.  It wasn’t until I reluctantly joined the high school show choir that I discovered my passion for performing!  Singing, sequins and jazz hands to my favorite Disney tunes, yes please!  Any teenager’s ultimate dream, right?  Aside from Fanny Pak, I’m also a director of a local show choir, I’m like Mr. Schuester from Glee, but way more asian.


Dance eventually became the fuel to my life, finally speeding through life with the excitement  of this new venture.  Even while juggling my busy UCLA ethnomusicology student schedule, dance always found its way into my study material. I indulged myself in dance classes, attempted to learn the “crip walk,” and eventually found myself training with the ultimate creative monster, Matt Cady.


Now, as a member of the Fanny Pak, it feels like the ultimate dream come true, aside from being a real life Power Ranger of course.  I’m surrounded by other dancing geeks, sharing our passions with each other, but more importantly, to the world.  I guess it’s not surprising that my love for Disney princesses, shiny sequins, and wacky characters fit in with the Pak.  Maybe some day I’ll get the Fannies to do a show choir number on stage.


Credits:  Mobbed, ABDC 7, America’s Got Talent, Disney ElecTRONica, Hart Show Choir Director, Mischief Makers, DSC


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